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Commissioning Artwork
Commissioning Artwork

It is a pleasure to receive a commission request for your custom artwork! If you like my style, but the color palette or size of my currently available artwork isn’t quite right, or you like a painting that has sold and would like to capture a similar look in a new work, we will collaborate to create a painting designed just for you!
When commissioning artwork, it’s important to recognize that every original painting is unique, and your final commission will be a new painting.
• Your painting will not be an recreation of an existing image. Examples of what you like are highly recommended to help me understand your style and expectations.
• Your painting will be completed in my artistic style. I won’t accept commissions for highly realistic visual outcomes, representative portraits, or replicas of the work of other artists.
Turnaround times for commissions vary. My schedule at the time and your design vision are the biggest timeline factors.

In the end, commissioned art is a significant commitment between us. Your new art will represent a very special story of what inspired you to commission it. Thank you for letting me a part of your journey!


• How do I request commissioned artwork?
Contact Me!!

Please contact me directly via the "Contact" page or via email for more information.

• What is the process for commissioning a painting?
When I receive your request, I will contact you to schedule a meeting or phone call. We’ll discuss your artwork need, your style considerations and placement of the art, the painting surface, the creation process and timeline as well as the cost and initial deposit. I’ll confirm artwork specifics such as size and number of canvases and your preferred color palette. Deposit and payment terms will be arranged at this time,

• What is the cost of a commissioned painting?
Final cost is based on two factors — size and design complexity. My general rate ranges from $15 to $25 per linear inch. (Length plus Width)

• How long does it take to complete a commissioned painting?
Commissions times can vary. Completion factors include: my schedule at the time of acceptance; your design vision and its complexity; the size and number of canvases; revisions (which can extend the completion date); and the final finishing and drying process.

• What if I’m not satisfied with the painting?
While I will work diligently to create a piece that exceeds your expectations, creating art is not a science! It’s possible that the commission will not meet your vision. You are under no obligation to purchase a piece that you are not happy with. I will retain the commissioned painting and offer it for public sale. Deposits retained to cover consultation, research, and materials costs are non-refundable.

• Will the finished painting be framed?
No. Finished paintings on canvas feature museum-wrapped edges (sides painted white/black or wrap-painted, depending on your preference) on a splined stretcher (no bulky corners or staples; professional appearance). It will be wired and ready to hang. Paintings on heavy fine art paper, hard panels, etc receive a final varnish and are delivered flat.

• Can I return the commissioned painting for a refund after delivery?
No. Once received, there are no returns on commissioned artwork.